NEWS | Massive Open Online Course to teach diverse audiences about Research-for-Impact now online

Originally posted by ASSAR on 31 Jan 2019. Written by Jesse deMaria-Kinney

The Research for Impact Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is a six week, free online course focused on what ASSAR initially called Research-into-Use, but what was later renamed to ‘Research-for-Impact’ (R4I). This MOOC continues ASSAR’s mission to respond to the ever-increasing imperative of development research programmes to contribute to impact beyond the academic sphere. In this course, participants will learn more about the R4I approach - a set of principles and practices that will help make one’s research more impactful. Traditionally, the goals and outcomes of research projects have been to contribute knowledge, and to communicate this knowledge through academic publications and journal articles. But If we truly want our research to have an impact, we need to do research differently and in ways that can influence change in policy, practice, behaviour, and attitudes.

Hosted by ASSAR’s institutional lead, the University of Cape Town, and co-branded with Oxfam, the course covers the five key areas of the R4I approach in dedicated modules, as well as an introductory module. These are:

  1. Theory of change and monitoring, evaluation and learning 
  2. Strategic partnerships and stakeholder engagement 
  3. Strategic communications 
  4. Capacity development 
  5. Influencing 

The course also features case studies that tell stories of impact and transformation from across ASSAR and the wider CARIAA programme. It is aimed at: academics, postgraduates, and consultants working on development-related research; development practitioners (e.g., where a development agency wishes to mainstream climate change into their operations); and professionals from different sectors (e.g., engineering, water) working in developing countries.

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